A  W Y O M I N G   T I T L E   C O M P A N Y 

Professional Research

Hometown Title provides a skilled one-two punch of digital accessibility and expert know-how through our knowledgeable staff and modern technologies.

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Overview of Our Services

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Closing-Escrow Services

Real estate transactions can be complicated.  When it’s time to close on your property, it’s helpful to have someone help you understand all that's involved.

Title Insurance

Purchasing a property is an exciting experience, but given that it's the largest purchase most people will ever make, you should make sure it's protected.

About Hometown Title

Hometown Title is committed to providing expert-level service, convenience, and confidence in the quality of our work.  We understand our clients need fast, reliable title and escrow services.  With over 30 years of combined title experience in Lincoln County, there are few types of real estate transactions that we haven’t seen.  We are ready to handle all of your title and escrow needs, and to do so quickly.

Hometown Title started in 2011 in Afton and Kemmerer, Wyoming.  Our Kemmerer office is located just steps away from the Lincoln County Courthouse.  Star Valley’s steady growth has given us a unique opportunity to apply our professional title services and service to the needs of this growing community.

We hope our focus on expert service, convenience, and top-notch quality of work will help bring you the peace of mind that you’re working with Lincoln County’s premiere title company.